Below is the list of a few cities visited by BEOWULF detectives on successfully accomplished projects :
Cheboksary Ekaterinburg Rostov-on-Don Irkutsk Kazan Khabarovsk Krasnodar Nizhniy Novgorod Novosibirsk  Omsk  Samara Saint Petersburg  Saratov Sochi Stavropol
Taganrog  Vladimir  Vladivostok  Volgograd  Voronezh Yaroslavl  Yoshkar-Ola Kiev Almaty Minsk Chisinau Vilnius Riga Tallinn Warsaw Budapest Prague Bucharest Tbilisi Baku Erevan
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Unlike larger firms, BEOWULF Private Detective Agency have earned a reputation for our personal commitment to each client. Our support staff maintains direct contact throughout the course of each assignment, providing personalized case management and investigations tailored to client requirements and objectives.


Unlike smaller detectives, who mentally swim in idealistic waters BEOWULF Private Detective Agency employ sophisticated methodology complimented by the very latest technology and a diverse team of skilled investigators who never lose sight of the value of old-fashioned, hard work.


Headquartered in Moscow, Central  Russia area with operating capabilities nationwide and abroad through trusted associates in Dijon, France and Hanover, Massachusetts,  USA,  BEOWULF Private Detective Agency assigns staff members according to unique qualifications, skills and experience. We provide 24-hour contact, tailored reporting and absolute confidentiality.


We are driven with dedicated diligence to detail and discretion.




 BEOWULF DETECTIVES adhere to the highest investigative standards and are committed to an aggressive, yet educated and ethical approach to all aspects of our engagements.



Office 3/1 #9 B. Dekabrskaya Str. 123022 Moscow Russia

Mobile +7 905 7449995  Phone  +79267339911  Cell +7 901 5559911

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By gathering and assessing legitimate and accurate information while implementing strategies of effectively utilizing that information, BEOWULF Private Detective Agency  assists clients in the development and maintenance of the competitive edge necessary to supplement mergers and acquisitions, research and development, advertising or marketing and pricing.


Examples of information obtained reach far beyond competitor analysis to include economic, political and technological developments, industry and regulatory trends, as well as the implementation of surveys and interviews, on-site observations and reverse engineering. BEOWULF Private Detective Agency  conducts extensive client interviews to learn your business and its requirements, while thoroughly integrating client values and objectives.




If you are expanding into new markets, preparing a prospectus for an Intellectual Property Ownerships, engaging in a joint venture, investing money, merging or creating any business relationship, you need to make informed decisions. Such decisions allow you to assess the risks as well as succeed in negotiations, but failure to do so can subject you and your investors to substantial loss and liability. By providing detailed profiles into businesses and/or individuals, domestic or abroad, BEOWULF Private Detective Agency assists clients with objective, timely intelligence relating to background information, business practices and reputations, litigation and financial histories, assets, as well as environmental and hidden liabilities. Our combination of research abilities and global network of contacts allows you to take control of your transactions even in the absence of a long-standing business relationship.




If the confidential information or trade secrets in your possession could be of value to someone else, you are a target. Yet you maintain a responsibility to your customers and shareholders to protect your information. Under the Economic Espionage Act, companies must not only provide adequate measures to protect their information but also test their vulnerabilities and countermeasures on a regular basis.


Specific targets include:


Customer and supplier identities

Pricing strategies

Products and services under development

Financial records

Merger and acquisition intents

Computer files, emails and passwords


Employee identities

BEOWULF Private Detective Agency identifies, monitors and neutralizes the intelligence collection activities of your business rivals, while developing a tailored counterintelligence program and vulnerability testing to determine what information requires protection and how to protect that information.




Trademark Searches & Acquisitions
By combining skilled research investigators and extensive databases, we determine the exact status of existing marks and assist clients in having the mark struck from the register or applying for its purchase. When attempting to acquire a trademark,
BEOWULF Private Detective Agency arranges concealed purchases to protect client interests.


BEOWULF Private Detective Agency
traces manufacturers, distributors and sellers of counterfeit merchandise, offering brand-owning clients an intellectual property assessment and coordination with appropriate law enforcement entities. BEOWULF Private Detective Agency also offers consulting services on protection from product infringement and further losses.



BEOWULF Private Detective Agency protects the assets of its business clients by assessing the efficiency of existing Loss Prevention programs and thereafter customizing and implementing updated measures. For those clients who have suffered financial losses from fraudulent actions perpetrated against them from inside as well as outside the organization, our team of investigators, fraud examiners and forensic accountants will ascertain the extent and source of the loss, trace and recover losses and assets, conduct interviews and interrogations, interact with law enforcement entities and provide expert testimony.



By analyzing surroundings, evaluating the quality of service and assessing staff product knowledge, mystery shopping offers an accurate portrayal of your customers' experience in your environment. Through observations made regarding service time and attitude, quality and cleanliness,
BEOWULF Private Detective Agency's team of investigative shoppers offer ongoing measures of client-established customer service standards and recount that level of service in detailed reports, customized to client requirements. Information can then be utilized to identify strengths and weaknesses and modify personnel training accordingly. By personally meeting with clients to understand their business, we customize shopping programs based on usual transactions, designed to meet client objectives and deadlines. When requested, we design and conduct surveys and evaluate pricing, product or service matters of your competition.




 The anonymity provided by the Net, combined with its global and unregulated nature, has created an exponential explosion in the number and types of technology-based and online crimes. As speed, technology and software become more complex, and the Internet more ubiquitous, the number of intruders exploiting weaknesses has skyrocketed. Investigating Internet crime requires the integration of traditional investigative techniques with comprehensive understanding of the architecture of the Internet and the use of high-level, cutting-edge electronic tools.


BEOWULF Private Detective Agency has successfully investigated Internet crimes involving blackmail and extortion, counterfeiting, international fraud, product hijacking, e-mail tracing, website tracking and ownership analysis, stolen domain names, online stalking, malicious slander, the identity of short sellers posting false and defamatory information on bulletin boards, sexual harassment, physical threats, trademark violations, password trafficking, copyright piracy, tracing the origin of spam as well as developing a characteristics and profile database of intruders, hackers and criminals.


BEOWULF Private Detective Agencyhas earned excellent reputation within the legal community, due to our experience, creativity and perseverance, combined with an all-inclusive involvement in every project undertaken.

By working closely with attorneys and their clients, we assist in the development of strategies and support the foundation of cases by collecting information essential to achieving an early advantage and successful resolution.


By maintaining an in-house process-serving department comprised of experienced field investigators, we guarantee timely and accurate service and do not return paperwork un-served.



By offering a wide range of services tailored to the exacting needs of each case, BEOWULF Private Detective Agency provides attorneys with the investigative expertise necessary to best represent their clients, whether in litigation or arbitration. These services include:


Conducting Asset Searches to uncover hidden assets and/or evaluate the likelihood of recovering a judgment

Identifying, locating and interviewing potential witnesses as well as retrieving, reviewing and analyzing documents

Deposition videotaping in DVD format for effortless retrieval of relevant testimony




 Family Law specialists rely on BEOWULF Private Detective Agency for innovative investigations that influence settlement negotiations and monetary awards for spousal and child support. These services include:

Identifying hidden assets and income, located locally and overseas, including financial and business affiliations, real property and sources of income

Locating witnesses for deposition and trial

Providing personal protection in matters where threats of violence have been made, including matters of stalking

Field Investigation services including surveillance and undercover operations

Ascertaining parental use of drugs or alcohol, child abuse, neglect or endangerment in child custody matters

Forensic Accounting services to trace, locate and analyze hidden assets



Investigateur privé révélateur privé Russie

Private Forscher  Privates Detektivbüro des privaten Forschers Rußland

Ricercatore riservato detectivo riservato   la Russia

Investigador privado detective privado Rusia

Investigator confidencial detective confidencial Rússia

De privé Privé Onderzoeker Rusland van de detective

Ιδιωτικός ιδιωτικός ανακριτής Ρωσία ιδιωτικών αστυνομικών


ASSETS SEARCH: Cars, Real Estate, Companies, Employers: Comprehensive Data Search: researches through databases from national and local records registrars and official bodies.

BACKGROUND CHECK: Detailed information on individuals as well as Corporations. Find background information on husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, neighbors, employees, business associates, and more. Criminal report, sex offender check, lawsuits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, home value & property ownership, 25 year address history, relatives & associates, neighbors, marriage records

Corporate Search: Information on corporations : Officers Directors Articles of Incorporation Credit history Assets Liabilities Annual Sales Registered Agents Other Specifics

Court Record Searches: We specialize in the retrieval of court records: Real Estate Criminal
Civil Municipal Traffic Felony Misdemeanor Small Claims Federal Courts Probate Marriage Federal Bankruptcy

Beowulf detectives offer employment records searches to find current and prior employment.

County Criminal Checks Social Security Number Traces Driver's License History
Pre-Employment Credit Reports Reference Interviews Substance Abuse Screening
Homeland Security Check Education Verifications Employment Verifications
Federal Criminal Court Searches Global Screening Services Workers Compensation
Professional Licenses & Certifications Address verification Sex offender check
Judgments Liens Bankruptcies

Surveillance Beowulf Detectives begins with investigators specifically trained in the art of undercover surveillance. We are professionals in all forms of covert physical surveillance utilizing a variety of methods and techniques from ten years of experience. Our agents utilize state of the art miniature concealed body cameras for walking surveillance in inaccessible locations.

Our investigators are trained to locate the best suitable positions often utilizing camouflage gear with long range cameras. Our inside staff provides real-time support for our field agents, supplying crucial guidance and the necessary background to keep the surveillance on track.

People Locator : Our basic People Locator search is not just a database search. Beowulf Detectives utilize the most efficient techniques and access to variety of official resources to conduct research comprehensively. By using our state-of-the-art technology we increase your rate of success!
Many searches are complete in hours! Our research team is the best in the business. All information is kept totally confidential. We perform the searches, provide you with the information, and the rest is up to you.

Phone Number Traces: we find Subscriber's Name and Address by Phone number,

Non-Published Phone number, Cell Phone / Beeper / Voice Mail number.

Landline & Cell Phone Records Billing information on fixed line and mobile numbers.

Detailed cell phone records / logs with all incoming/outgoing calls, SMS,
international roaming, exact time/duration and geographical location
of the nearest base station