Investigateur privé révélateur privé Russie
Private Forscher  Privates Detektivbüro des privaten Forschers Rußland Ricercatore riservato detectivo riservato  la Russia
Investigador privado detective privado Rusia
Investigator confidencial detective confidencial Rússia
De privé Privé Onderzoeker Rusland van de detective
Ιδιωτικός ιδιωτικός ανακριτής Ρωσία ιδιωτικών αστυνομικών





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BEOWULF Private Detective Agency - Company Profile

BEOWULF Private Detective Agency is a full-service private investigation firm. We posses a valid agency license issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Russian federation on Dec 06, 1997 and are fully insured. Our company is located in Moscow, Russia with our corporate office centrally located in centralcity of Moscow. Our areas of coverage include virtually all the territory of Russia, and we have long time established partnership in Barnaul Bryansk Cheboksary  Ekaterinburg Irkutsk Ivanovo Izhevsk Kaliningrad Kaluga Kazan

Khabarovsk Krasnodar Krasnoyarsk Kurgan Kursk Moscow region Murmansk Nalchik Nizhni(y) Novgorod

Novosibirsk Omsk Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski Rostov-na-Donu (or Rostov-on-Don) Samara Saratov

Smolensk  Sochi St.Petersburg (was Leningrad) Stavropol Tomsk Tver Tyumen Ufa Vladikavkaz

Vladimir Vladivostok Volgograd Voronezh Yaroslavl Yoshkar-Ola Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk  and are able to handle  affairs locally and provide all information in most conscientious and professional manner.

We have expanded our services to include Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kirgiz republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Uzbekistan  and will accommodate any request for assignments in any of this countries.




Office 3/1  #9 B. Dekabrskaya Str. 123022 Moscow Russia

Mobile +7 905 7449995  Phone  +79267339911  Cell +7 901 5559911





∑ Due Dilligence
∑ Internal Affairs
∑ Undercover Investigations
∑ Trial Litigation
∑ Crash Data Retrieval
∑ DNA Testing
∑ Process Serving
∑ Research
∑ Consulting
∑ Surveillance
∑ Estate / Probate
∑ Translation Services
∑ Background Checks
∑ Skip Tracing
∑ Insurance Fraud
∑ Computer Forensics
∑ Workplace Issues
∑ Tort Law & Litigation Support

one of the a references on my work: (More can be obtained by a request)

 ďI would be more than happy to give you a reference on Beowulf Detective Agency.

A few months ago my attorney told me, that it would be necessary for us to hire a private investigator in Russia to collect some important information for our case. First I thought it was a pretty ridiculous task, since I personally did not believe in the professionalism of Russian investigators. However, I had to do what I had to do. I sent about 8-10 e-mails to different private detective companies in Russia. I got responses, but I donít even want to talk about some of them (they were out of the question)! The ONLY response that really caught my attention was the response from Dimitri. I decided to give him a try. I wonít go into details, but each contact I made with Dimitri, made me trust him and the services he could provide for me more and more. Thatís how he got hired.

To make a long story short, Dimitri completed the assignment with grade A+ !!! Not only he did what we agreed upon, but when we ran into some unexpected bumps on the road, he went above and beyond to complete the task. The things that impressed me the most about Dimitri are his professionalism, outstanding customer service skills, dedication, quality of his work, promptness, and the fact that he followed through every task he was given!
I would highly recommend Dimitri and his services to any business or any person! I would definitely use him again if I needed to! My attorney was so impressed with the work Dimitri did for us, that he asked for my permission to keep Dimitriís contact information for future work.

Last, but not least. I just have to share this with you. Kristopher, we won the case!!!!!!

If you have any additional questions, please donít hesitate to contact me.Ē

Leyla Siegel
Oregon, U.S.A

BEOWULF Private Detective Agency has established and maintained an excellent reputation in the investigative arena. Due to the fact we choose to remain a smaller company, you will enjoy better case scheduling, flexibility and continual communication regarding the status of your investigation assignments. No more assignments being lost or forgotten, waiting extended periods of time to be updated on your assignments, or missed deadlines. As a direct result of the quality and dependability of our services, we have experienced significant growth. Our multicultural staff consists of both male and female investigators, some bilingual, who bring unique talents,
backgrounds, education and technical skills to each assignment. As a result, your investigation assignment will be conducted and managed by highly qualified experienced professionals. We routinely attend industry related training seminars and meetings to keep apprised of current laws, investigative techniques and the latest equipment available.
BEOWULF Private Detective Agency services are conducted with the highest ethical and professional standards, in full compliance with local, state, and federal privacy laws.

BEOWULF Private Detective Agency embraces the ever changing technology industry and maintains an inventory of state-of-the-art audio and video equipment for covert and non covert operations and assignments. As a result, our clients enjoy the option of selecting videotape evidence on standard VHS format, CD-ROM format or DVD format. All ORIGINAL videotape evidence is maintained at our office location, stored in a safe dry place under lock and key. If called to a hearing or trial, our investigator will be required to provide the ORIGINAL tape evidence and testify to itís originality, purity of content and chain of evidence. Each staff investigator has experience in courtroom testimony and the issues involved in obtaining meaningful evidence legally. When feasible, our staff continues to attend actual courtroom hearings in a continuing effort to sharpen courtroom skills
and etiquette.

BEOWULF Private Detective Agency maintains strict standards when presenting a final comprehensive investigation report. Our reports are clear, concise, individually tailored for your assignment, and are user friendly. Copies of the investigative report and / or videotape (s) evidence will be released only to those individuals or entities authorized by you, our client, by written request.

BEOWULF Private Detective Agency supports local, state and national organizations that work hard to maintain the integrity of our industry.