Below is the list of a few cities visited by BEOWULF detectives on successfully accomplished projects :
Cheboksary Ekaterinburg Rostov-on-Don Irkutsk Kazan Khabarovsk Krasnodar Nizhniy Novgorod Novosibirsk  Omsk  Samara Saint Petersburg  Saratov Sochi Stavropol
Taganrog  Vladimir  Vladivostok  Volgograd  Voronezh Yaroslavl  Yoshkar-Ola Kiev Almaty Minsk Chisinau Vilnius Riga Tallinn Warsaw Budapest Prague Bucharest Tbilisi Baku Erevan
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Office 3/1 #9 B. Dekabrskaya Str. 123022 Moscow Russia

Mobile +7 905 7449995  Phone  +79267339911  Cell +7 901 5559911



Services offered by Beowulf Detectives:

Affidavits of Due Diligence
Asset and Background Searches
Asset Investigations
Asset Protection Businesses
Asset Protection Individual
Aviation Investigations
Background Check
Bill & Account Collection
Boating Investigations
Child Care Payments
Civil Investigations
Claim Adjusting
Client Meetings
Collection Research
Computer Crimes Investigations
Conference Rooms
Construction Investigations
Corporate Investigations
Corporate Records Research
Courier Service
Court Clerical Service
Court Filing
Court Reporting
Court Research
Court Searches
Covert Camera Installations
Credit checks
Criminal Background
Criminal Investigations
Criminal Records Research
CT Corporation
Current Property Owner Searches
Date & Time Stamping
Digital Editing
Divorce Asset Investigations
Document Preparation
Document Retrieval
Drivers License Information
Drug Investigations
Electronic Surveillance
Enforcement of Judgments
Expedite Service (48 hours)
Expert Consultations
Fax Filing
Fax Service
Fingerprint Analysis
Fire and Explosion Investigations
Flat Service Rate
Foreclosure Sale Presentation
Foreclosure Services
Handwriting Analysis
Harassment Investigations
High-Quality Frames & Prints
Homicide Investigations
Income Tax and Payroll Services
Information Collection
Insurance & Criminal Investigations
Insurance Fraud Investigation
International Services
Interpretation/Translation Services
Judgment Collection
Judgment Recovery
Judicial Conferences
Legal Advertising
Legal Video
Locate and Interview Witnesses
Meetings & Seminars
Military Investigations
Missing Person Investigation
Motor Vehicle Searches
Municipal record searches
Municipal, State & Federal Levels
Nationwide Affiliates
Nationwide Service
Notarized Affidavits
Notary Closing
Notary Services
Notification Service Upon Completion
Occupancy & Property Inspections
Personal Property Searches
Personal Protection
Post Office Checks
Postal code searches
Pre-Employment Screening
Pre-Marital Investigations
Prison Records Research
Private Investigation
Private Investigations
Process Service
Process Serving
Professional License Investigations
Property Protection
Property Searching
Public Records Searches
Real Property Records Research
Recruitment & Training
Routine Service (3-10 days)
Rush Service (24 hours)
Searchable Audio and Video Files
Secure Archiving
Service Conform to State of Venue
Service For All Legal Documents
Settlement Conferences
Skip Tracing
Small claims
Split-Screen Imaging
Staff Meetings
Subpoena Preparation
Subpoena Service
Suicide Investigations
Summons and Complaints
Sworn Statements
Taped Surveillance
Technical Surveillance
Television & Radio Programs
Traveling Notary Service
Video Conferencing
Video Enhancement
Video Tape Depositions
Video/Text Synchronization
Videotape Duplication
Witness Fees Advanced
Witness Interviews
Witness/Trial Preparation
Writ Preparations


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ASSETS SEARCH: Cars, Real Estate, Companies, Employers: Comprehensive Data Search: researches through databases from national and local records registrars and official bodies.

BACKGROUND CHECK: Detailed information on individuals as well as Corporations. Find background information on husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, neighbors, employees, business associates, and more. Criminal report, sex offender check, lawsuits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, home value & property ownership, 25 year address history, relatives & associates, neighbors, marriage records

Corporate Search: Information on corporations : Officers Directors Articles of Incorporation Credit history Assets Liabilities Annual Sales Registered Agents Other Specifics

Court Record Searches: We specialize in the retrieval of court records: Real Estate Criminal
Civil Municipal Traffic Felony Misdemeanor Small Claims Federal Courts Probate Marriage Federal Bankruptcy

Beowulf detectives offer employment records searches to find current and prior employment.

County Criminal Checks Social Security Number Traces Driver's License History
Pre-Employment Credit Reports Reference Interviews Substance Abuse Screening
Homeland Security Check Education Verifications Employment Verifications
Federal Criminal Court Searches Global Screening Services Workers Compensation
Professional Licenses & Certifications Address verification Sex offender check
Judgments Liens Bankruptcies

Surveillance Beowulf Detectives begins with investigators specifically trained in the art of undercover surveillance. We are professionals in all forms of covert physical surveillance utilizing a variety of methods and techniques from ten years of experience. Our agents utilize state of the art miniature concealed body cameras for walking surveillance in inaccessible locations.

Our investigators are trained to locate the best suitable positions often utilizing camouflage gear with long range cameras. Our inside staff provides real-time support for our field agents, supplying crucial guidance and the necessary background to keep the surveillance on track.

People Locator : Our basic People Locator search is not just a database search. Beowulf Detectives utilize the most efficient techniques and access to variety of official resources to conduct research comprehensively. By using our state-of-the-art technology we increase your rate of success!
Many searches are complete in hours! Our research team is the best in the business. All information is kept totally confidential. We perform the searches, provide you with the information, and the rest is up to you.

Phone Number Traces: we find Subscriber's Name and Address by Phone number,

Non-Published Phone number, Cell Phone / Beeper / Voice Mail number.

Landline & Cell Phone Records Billing information on fixed line and mobile numbers.

Detailed cell phone records / logs with all incoming/outgoing calls, SMS,
international roaming, exact time/duration and geographical location
of the nearest base station