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BEOWULF Private Detective Agency, Inc., a trusted and dedicated private investigation company, is totally committed to our clients. We are dedicated to providing professional, quality investigation services for those who are engaged in the process of seeking truth, exposing fraud, and minimizing risk. After 12 years of excellence in investigation, BEOWULF Private Detective Agency  will continue to achieve growth and expand into exciting new areas of specialization while maintaining it’s reputation for quality and integrity. We will endeavor to exceed our client’s requirements and expectations and will succeed in building a long-term solid business relationship with new and prospective clients.


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BEOWULF Private Detective Agency features the following services:


 Background Checks

employment, internet dating, records, criminal, pre-employment, juror


 Skip Tracing

missing persons, collections, find friends, deadbeat parents


 Insurance Fraud

workman's comp, auto / life / homeowners insurance, disability, healthcare


 Computer Forensics

fraud, electronic discovery, data recovery, scam protection



high profile figures, special circumstances, commodity transport, gatherings, public appearances, international travel / escort






Personal Investigations - Property and Casualty:

  • Activity/Disability In-Person Checks:

Designed to positively identify the recipient of claim dollars either through a direct or indirect approach. Initiated to determine the claimant’s physical capabilities, daily activities and employment status.

  • Asset Checks:

Determine the claimant’s financial position and attachable assets, including sources of income, real and personal property, other insurance policies and hidden assets. Skilled and seasoned background researchers utilizing modern investigative techniques examine public records, conduct Internet research, secure court records and interview lay sources.

  • Surveillance:

 BEOWULF Private Detective Agency uses the latest, state of the art covert and telephoto video surveillance equipment, which allows for both outside telephoto videotaping and inside covert documentation within six to eight feet of a subject under the most extreme low light conditions. Various vehicles and communication devices are utilized to maximize results and obtain clear, stable, useable videotape of the claimant’s physical activities. We believe that a fleet of diverse vehicles allows the flexibility required in today’s changing urban and rural environment optimum opportunity for productive results and discreet success.

  • Background Investigations:

BEOWULF Private Detective Agency has perfected an exhaustive and detailed background investigation, which combines a variety of record sources, database sources, public records, Internet searches and lay sources. This focused probe is designed to uncover inconsistencies in what the subject has represented and assist in determining their credibility and character.

  • Location Investigations:

Through proprietary databases, and skilled researchers using innovative investigative techniques, BEOWULF Private Detective Agency will locate hard to find individuals efficiently and cost effectively anywhere in the world.

  • Special Investigations:

A specific, tailored and structured investigation to assist clients in gathering information for civil or criminal matters. BEOWULF Private Detective Agency does not accept plaintiff assignments and will purse all avenues of investigation with a “no stone left unturned” philosophy.

  • Statements/Interviews:

Experienced BEOWULF Private Detective Agency interviewers will obtain written or recorded statements of events, accidents, or circumstances surrounding injury or death claims, professionally and cost effectively, telephonically or in person pursuant to your request.



Marital & Divorce Investigations:

BEOWULF Private Detective Agency has highly trained and experienced investigators who understand complicated and delicate nature of marriage. Our investigations are aimed at providing fullest knowledge possible for consequent use in courts.

Marital infidelity Investigations:

  • Surveillance
  • Activities Check
  • Neighborhood canvass and interviewing
  • Location Efforts
  • Background Investigation
  • Professional Licensing verification
  • Federal/State Local Courthouse records
  • Medical record retrieval
  • Newspaper/Internet research
  • Comprehensive Claimant Interview
  • Physician interviews
  • Secure autopsy reports, death certificates
  • children related  investigations


Background Investigations

  • BEOWULF Private Detective Agency conducts one of the most extensive and exhaustive background investigations in the industry. Criminal Justice Majors, now skilled researchers, familiar with every level and branch of the court system statewide, nationally and internationally, understand Internet search strategies and are experienced in running various proprietary databases.
  • We also identify and retrieve both available and archived records from each jurisdiction in those counties and state townships, which are not on-line. In addition our investigators are trained in performing various types of canvassing, pinpointing where certain records may be found for subpoena or informational purposes.
  • Intelligent investigative techniques extract pertinent information; all performed in accordance with current privacy laws, the latest legal and international  regulations.
  • A few examples of the sources researched but not limited to are:

Motor Vehicle Records
Proprietary databases
District and Circuit State Court Houses
Federal Court Houses
Internet Research
Property records
Civil and Criminal records
Business Licenses
Taxed Income
Bank accounts statements
Hospital Records



Domestic Investigations:

  • In civil cases involving marriage and children BEOWULF Private Detective Agency has recruited seasoned investigative specialists experienced in adultery and child custody matters.
  • Our investigators assist counsel in preparing a strategy for finding hidden assets, determining earned income, documenting adultery, and assisting with a “character background investigation” of an abusive spouse.
  • BEOWULF Private Detective Agency can also determine and will document if provisions of any separation or legal agreement between the parties is being violated or ignored.



Computer Forensic Investigations:

  • Data and evidence recovery: BEOWULF Private Detective Agency will recover data that has been intentionally or unintentionally erased or hidden. Encase software is used which has a proven track record in reliability and has been recognized in numerous judicial proceedings.
  • Analysis: Our reports are presented in a way that attorneys and jurors can understand the information clearly concisely.
  • Protection of Evidence: The chain of custody is expertly protected and gathered using proven industry techniques.
  • Expert Witness testimony: All evidence is expertly presented in judicial proceedings using certified experts.
  • Investigative services include intercepting email communications, hard drive examination, keystroke monitoring, and identifying Internet websites visited.



Identity Theft Investigations:

  • Assist clients in developing an education program for their employees.
  • Develop strategies to protect employees or clients for becoming a target of identity theft.
  • Prepare a course of investigation to recover damages and minimize the financial impact on a person or entity.
  • Locate and assist in the attachment of assets for reimbursements from the perpetrator






Insurance Investigations | Corporate Investigations | Background Investigations | Marital/premarital Investigations | Domestic Investigations  |Computer Forensic Investigations | Identity Theft Investigations




ASSETS SEARCH: Cars, Real Estate, Companies, Employers: Comprehensive Data Search: researches through databases from national and local records registrars and official bodies.

BACKGROUND CHECK: Detailed information on individuals as well as Corporations. Find background information on husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, neighbors, employees, business associates, and more. Criminal report, sex offender check, lawsuits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, home value & property ownership, 25 year address history, relatives & associates, neighbors, marriage records

Corporate Search: Information on corporations : Officers Directors Articles of Incorporation Credit history Assets Liabilities Annual Sales Registered Agents Other Specifics

Court Record Searches: We specialize in the retrieval of court records: Real Estate Criminal
Civil Municipal Traffic Felony Misdemeanor Small Claims Federal Courts Probate Marriage Federal Bankruptcy

Beowulf detectives offer employment records searches to find current and prior employment.

County Criminal Checks Social Security Number Traces Driver's License History
Pre-Employment Credit Reports Reference Interviews Substance Abuse Screening
Homeland Security Check Education Verifications Employment Verifications
Federal Criminal Court Searches Global Screening Services Workers Compensation
Professional Licenses & Certifications Address verification Sex offender check
Judgments Liens Bankruptcies

Surveillance Beowulf Detectives begins with investigators specifically trained in the art of undercover surveillance. We are professionals in all forms of covert physical surveillance utilizing a variety of methods and techniques from ten years of experience. Our agents utilize state of the art miniature concealed body cameras for walking surveillance in inaccessible locations.

Our investigators are trained to locate the best suitable positions often utilizing camouflage gear with long range cameras. Our inside staff provides real-time support for our field agents, supplying crucial guidance and the necessary background to keep the surveillance on track.

People Locator : Our basic People Locator search is not just a database search. Beowulf Detectives utilize the most efficient techniques and access to variety of official resources to conduct research comprehensively. By using our state-of-the-art technology we increase your rate of success!
Many searches are complete in hours! Our research team is the best in the business. All information is kept totally confidential. We perform the searches, provide you with the information, and the rest is up to you.

Phone Number Traces: we find Subscriber's Name and Address by Phone number,

Non-Published Phone number, Cell Phone / Beeper / Voice Mail number.

Landline & Cell Phone Records Billing information on fixed line and mobile numbers.

Detailed cell phone records / logs with all incoming/outgoing calls, SMS,
international roaming, exact time/duration and geographical location
of the nearest base station