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Our PI Agency Philosophy: 

BEOWULF Detectives deliver an integrated multi-disciplinary consultancy service to businesses worldwide, underpinned by knowledge, experience, integrity and a commitment to excellence.  

Business Investigations:

Staying competitive while avoiding liability is a complex and spiraling challenge that cuts across disciplines, from basic corporate compliance to brand protection to human resources management to competitive strategy. Survival in this fluid business environment encompasses issues such as employee integrity, product reputation and safety, workplace stability and regulatory compliance, with many of these issues compounded by the outsourcing of activities to foreign jurisdictions. BEOWULF Detectives use local resources with 12 years of experience to track down the information businesses need to comply with their duty of care and make correct business decisions. It's a matter of identifying corporate vulnerabilities and how best to address them. Our reputable, resourceful and highly trained investigators provide vital intelligence about prospective employees, vendors, competitors and potential business partners. There is no better way to guard against financial loss, brand erosion, risk to public reputation, fraud and theft.

Due Diligence:

When exploring potential alliances, partners, mergers and other deals - and before closing any transaction -- corporations need to be fully equipped with the facts. Investigative due diligence provides requisite financial and personal details that enable you to make clear, well-informed business assessments. BEOWULF Detectives know how to identify potential red flags, fiscal irregularities, personnel issues and other information relevant to critical decision making. Obtaining reliable, thorough background information can be challenging, particularly in foreign lands such as the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.. BEOWULF Detectives employees and local associates in many towns inside Russia, and  in Eastern Europe, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Central Asia know how to access local information and human intelligence out in the field. We can counsel clients on where to focus investigations and how best to synthesize complex information related to anything from accounting procedures to regulatory compliance practices to the individual histories of key corporate players. Due diligence is all about transparency, demonstrating a deliberate approach to ferreting out facts that can make the difference between business risk and reward.



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Corporate Investigations:

  • Employee Theft/Dishonesty/Sexual Harassment:

Employing a Certified Fraud Examiner, BEOWULF Private Detectives  will assist companies identify and expose employee misconduct by using trained interviewers, covert surveillance and video evidence. Our proven methodology enables companies to make difficult employee decisions with confidence and without fear of repercussion.

  • Asset Misappropriations:

A most common, white-collar fraud scheme, BEOWULF Private Detectives  has extensive experience and documented history of successfully uncovering these frauds. The most common involve time, money and computer misuse. Covert and mobile surveillance, computer forensic specialists combine with professional accredited interviewers to set BEOWULF Private Detectives  apart.

  • Intellectual Property:

BEOWULF Private Detectives  field agents have been trained in identifying counterfeit products for various clients and in using the most innovative and creative investigative techniques to document and track the product to it’s source.

  • Trademark Infringement:

Various photographic techniques and in person canvassing conducted by trained investigators assist BEOWULF Private Detectives clients by identifying retailers and distributors selling brand names without proper licensing. A number companies references who we have successfully completed these investigations and saved countless monetary losses for are available upon request.

  • Transshipment Investigations

The latest investigative technology in this field and our special investigators, who undergo continuous educational training, identify product sold or distributed in violation of contracts or certain territorial agreements and submit a comprehensive report tailored to BEOWULF Private Detectives  clients specifications.

  • Competitive Intelligence:

BEOWULF Private Detectives on staff computer forensics specialists and can identify whether employees are violating company policy by disseminating confidential corporate information. Our capabilities in retrieving computer information storage and record retrieval are unmatched in the industry.

  • Physical Surveillance:

In conjunction with computer forensic specialists BEOWULF Private Detectives can assist clients in safeguarding their employees and assets through uncovering employee misconduct.

  • Undercover Operatives

BEOWULF Private Detectives  highly skilled undercover investigators are able to assimilate into our client’s workforce to successfully determine any number of employee fraud schemes.





BEOWULF Detective Agency – Business Services:

Beowulf Detective Agency provides investigative and security consulting services to assist our clients in collecting information that would be vital in winning their cases. Beowulf Detective Agency ‘s expertise has been recognized throughout the legal and business communities for providing the most detailed and comprehensive investigative services available in the private sector today.

We examine, analyze, and investigate a wide range of resources to assist our clients in making effective business decisions and avoid unnecessary risks. We can locate witnesses, uncover hidden assets nationally and offshore, evaluate corporate entities and business partners, and provide litigation support in the detection and prevention of fraudulent activities.

Beowulf Detective Agency staff is qualified experts and consultants in their specialized field of training to provide litigation support to our attorney, and corporate clients.



Due Diligence Evaluations

Acquisitions and Corporate Mergers

Corporate Intelligence Investigations

Investment Evaluation & Recovery

Locating Hidden Assets

Fraud Detection & Prevention



Trial Preparation and

Expert Witness Testimony

Complex Civil Litigation

Locating Witnesses

Witness Statements & Interviews

Fraud Examinations 

Personal Injury

Workplace Violence 

Intellectual Property




White Collar Crime and Fraud 

Workplace Violence

Premises Liability 

Security Negligence

Employee Screening Procedures

Private Investigative/Security Industry Standards & Procedures

Security Planning, Evaluations, Design, and Compliance



Assets Research

Pre-Employment & Background Checks

Locating Missing People (Skip Tracing)

Surveillance & counter surveillance










Beowulf Private Investigators
Providing experience and reliability
in all aspects of private investigation.


 Beowulf Investigations is a fully licensed investigation firm specializing in providing professional service in legal, insurance and business communities throughout Russia and worldwide

Our services include, but are not limited to:


PI Services:

Trial Preparation
Missing Person and Witness Locates
Process Service
Background Investigations
Fraud Investigations
Jury Profile & Polls
Business Intelligence
Public Records Research
Computer Database Research
Due Diligence
Early Notice of Potential Exposure
Financial Investigations
Evidence Acquisition & Storage




ASSETS SEARCH: Cars, Real Estate, Companies, Employers: Comprehensive Data Search: researches through databases from national and local records registrars and official bodies.

BACKGROUND CHECK: Detailed information on individuals as well as Corporations. Find background information on husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, neighbors, employees, business associates, and more. Criminal report, sex offender check, lawsuits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, home value & property ownership, 25 year address history, relatives & associates, neighbors, marriage records

Corporate Search: Information on corporations : Officers Directors Articles of Incorporation Credit history Assets Liabilities Annual Sales Registered Agents Other Specifics

Court Record Searches: We specialize in the retrieval of court records: Real Estate Criminal
Civil Municipal Traffic Felony Misdemeanor Small Claims Federal Courts Probate Marriage Federal Bankruptcy

Beowulf detectives offer employment records searches to find current and prior employment.

County Criminal Checks Social Security Number Traces Driver's License History
Pre-Employment Credit Reports Reference Interviews Substance Abuse Screening
Homeland Security Check Education Verifications Employment Verifications
Federal Criminal Court Searches Global Screening Services Workers Compensation
Professional Licenses & Certifications Address verification Sex offender check
Judgments Liens Bankruptcies

Surveillance Beowulf Detectives begins with investigators specifically trained in the art of undercover surveillance. We are professionals in all forms of covert physical surveillance utilizing a variety of methods and techniques from ten years of experience. Our agents utilize state of the art miniature concealed body cameras for walking surveillance in inaccessible locations.

Our investigators are trained to locate the best suitable positions often utilizing camouflage gear with long range cameras. Our inside staff provides real-time support for our field agents, supplying crucial guidance and the necessary background to keep the surveillance on track.

People Locator : Our basic People Locator search is not just a database search. Beowulf Detectives utilize the most efficient techniques and access to variety of official resources to conduct research comprehensively. By using our state-of-the-art technology we increase your rate of success!
Many searches are complete in hours! Our research team is the best in the business. All information is kept totally confidential. We perform the searches, provide you with the information, and the rest is up to you.

Phone Number Traces: we find Subscriber's Name and Address by Phone number,

Non-Published Phone number, Cell Phone / Beeper / Voice Mail number.

Landline & Cell Phone Records Billing information on fixed line and mobile numbers.

Detailed cell phone records / logs with all incoming/outgoing calls, SMS,
international roaming, exact time/duration and geographical location
of the nearest base station